About Hilda’s Book

Didn't We Have Fun! - Hilda Robinson paintings
by Hilda Robinson & Jeff Kunkel
Crickhollow Books •  July 2011
Trade Hardcover (laminated cover) • 48 pages • 28 illus. • 10” x 10”
Picture Book / African-American Life & Culture / Ages 5 and up
$19.95 • ISBN 978-1-933987-17-0

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Didn’t We Have Fun! is a vibrant, colorful look at African-American family life and culture, seen through the eyes of a celebrated artist.

Hilda Robinson, artist and grandmother, shares the joys of growing up in a closely-knit African-American family and neighborhood, in the days before television was invented. You’ll meet Hilda’s four sisters and one brother, her Mama and Daddy, and other folks in her Philadelphia neighborhood of red-brick row houses.

Enjoy with her the games she played, the songs she sang, the chores she did, and the prayers she prayed. Throughout the book, an abiding love of life shines brightly in these dynamic, delightful paintings of a girl and the place she grew up.

Hilda Robinson was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She studied at Temple University and the University of California at Berkeley, earning her Master of Arts degree when she was fifty years old. Her work is featured each year in the Art of Living Black, an annual exhibition at the Richmond Art Center in California, and in many private and corporate collections. She lives in Oakland, California.

Jeff Kunkel wrote the text based on interviews with Hilda. A United Methodist minister, he is an accomplished artist and author of a number of books for adults and young readers. He also lives in Oakland.

Family Life • Urban Neighborhoods • Recreation & Playground Games • School • Church Life • African-American Heritage


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